After-Builders Cleaning Highbury, Post Construction Cleaning N5

Even just a small renovation or repair at home leaves a horrendous mess, and once the work has been completed this become quite considerable. Any improvements will not be apparent with all the leftover mess, since everything is covered with dust and debris. And do you have the time and the right equipment? I don’t think so. That’s why you have to call the professional team of cleaning. Call Cleaners Highbury and get the best After Builders Cleaning Service.

After Builders cleaning Highbury N5

Post Construction Cleaning for Any Type of Property in Highbury

The After Builders cleaning includes:

  • Removing what is left after the building work
  • Professional cleaning of floors’ surfaces, dusting, getting rid of markings left by plaster or fresh paint
  • Removing the leftover debris, plaster and fresh paint from windows, window-frames and sills
  • Clearing doorways, door frames, wainscoting, skirting boards, fittings, electrical sockets and switches
  • Removing spots of the ceilings (when reachable using standard equipment ) and walls
  • Through cleaning of all rooms and relevant fixtures ( cabinets, shelves )
  • Sprucing up all surfaces within the bathroom and the kitchen
  • Descaling of bathroom and kitchen tiles
  • Polishing wooden floors and surfaces
  • Professional cleaning of toilets, bath tubs, sinks, showers along with other bathroom fittings
  • Professional cleaning of all types of flooring and stairs.

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After Builders Cleaning is a flexible service because it involves different kind of tasks, depending on the particular renovation work. Whether it would be a full or partial After Builders Cleaning, our expert team has a detailed task list for each room, which covers every corner of your property giving you a full satisfaction.

You don’t have to wait to call our office and the will gladly inform you for our services. Or you can visit FAQ. You can also choose some of our other cleaning services for example Domestic Cleaning, End of Tenancy Cleaning or House Cleaning and you will get excellent results.

After builders cleaning Highbury N5 prices

After builders cleaning Highbury N5 prices

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